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This service provides custom solutions for your business, tailored specifically to your unique needs. We begin with an assessment, including the opportunity for you to voice any concerns or frustrations you may have with excessive processes or repetitive tasks. The optimal documentation is then introduced, with a follow-up after to ensure the proposed solution is working. An example of this service is below:

The Organization – 643642 Alberta Ltd. offered bulk fuel delivery service in south-central Alberta to agriculture and oil and gas industries. They also ran four 24/hr cardlock fueling stations, each with oil and lubricant stores as well as one convenience store. At the time, their Hanna location had full service pumps.

The Problem – The locations were very busy to the public. Staff members had to be versed in many areas. Their product offering was in dangerous goods, as such, proper certifications must be maintained for all members of their team.

The Solution – Some of the documentation provided remains confidential. This includes a counter reference book, organized personnel records for COR audits, loading forms for the fuel truck, and many others. Below are samples of some of the documentation that I can share, which helped improve processes. The printers at most of this organizations locations were black and white only.


Meterhead Reconciliation

This form assists in reconciling fuel throughput between the gauges on individual pump heads versus what was recorded in the computer system (CCIS).


This form helps the dispatcher, who is in charge of monitoring regulatory maintenance on these dangerous goods vehicles. The simple form easily displays all the dates that need to be monitored as well as filter sizes that need to be kept in stock.

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