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Arach Consulting provides support services empowering you to harness your presentation skills. We tailor the service to meet the unique needs of our individual clients. We can coach you in public speaking strategies and support you through to your event. In addition, we can provide visuals to support your presentation. 

Here is an example of services Pam has provided for one organization:

The Organization - The Hanna Municipal Library provides library services to the Hanna area, located within Special Areas approximately 75 kilometers Northeast of Drumheller, AB. It is a member of the Marigold Library System, a municipal collaborative of 37 partner libraries servicing 44 municipalities in south-central Alberta.

The Challenge – The Hanna Municipal Library was scheduled to present a 75 minute session at the 2018 Southern Alberta Library Conference about its newly created youth program. The session was quite long, combined with an educated audience of library professionals. The program being promoted relied on local services available to rural communities, not necessarily formally educated library programmers. This was the first time the library had presented on this scale, at a conference.

The Solution – At the time I was serving as Director of the Hanna Municipal Library. I designed the attached PowerPoint as a visual aid for our presentation. I then partnered with the owner of Greenlight PC. Greenlight PC volunteered their technical services for our weekly youth gatherings. Together, we presented at the conference, modelling the presentation as us playing off of each other simulating candid conversation. This engaged the audience in how they can achieve youth engagement with limited resources. We stressed the critical nature of partnerships and networking for filling out their programming content. A lively discussion resulted on how to connect with local teens. The session was beneficial to all participants, including us.

Downloadable samples as follows:

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